Founded in 2000, the Hafnia Foundation is committed to collecting and preserving art from around the globe, with the objective of exploring cultural diversity in artistic expression.  With this cultural exchange the goal then grows to promote mutual understanding across ethnic, social, and sexual boundaries.  A major point of pride for the Hafnia Foundation is its ability to bring together artists with different backgrounds, thus expanding the conceptual scenes that these varied artists represent.  The art currently in their collection represents artists from America, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Iceland, the Netherlands, and Norway.  It is composed of sculptures, paintings, and installations, both realistic and abstract, as well as an extensive collection of historical Chinese propaganda posters.  Working with such a unique array of artists, in multiple formats, endows the collection with boundless energy and possibility.  The intent is not to focus on one style or movement, but rather to dabble in the plethora of art that’s available in the world, to create a distinct collection that stretches across international borders.