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You are the Center of your world

The Pearl Dragon Throne


The conceptual mixed media installation, “You are the Center of your world” Was shown at the Biennale de Curitiba in 2017 where over 10.000 visitors interacted with the installation, posing with the throne, The Throne was again on display in 2020 at the Ch.ACO Art in collaboration with Artsy.

Vaughn states about the installation:

“When I moved to Asia at the age of 20, I had a precondition to understanding the 间 philosophy of time, - I was born with a strange form of autism which makes me unable to perceive time as a linear concept. I understand time in events and seasons, as fluid and circular. Another aspect which is important to understand in 间 philosophy, is the understanding of the five elements, four directions and the center. Whereas the West position itself by the nomination of directions of other parts, the word for China “中国” translates to the land in the middle. The four directions and center each represents an element in Daoist Philosophy, which also connects to the Zodiac of the 12 Animal cycle.


The restrictions of mobility during the Pandemic, have made our center focus on the place of here, now, causing societies to engage in deep reflection of their current structures and conditions.

In the philosophy of 间, or space/time, the empty space is the denominator of the material space, it is the pause between the notes, and the room between the walls where we live - the emptiness which is always full of potentiality. The empty seat of the throne is this space of potentiality, positioned in the center of your world. Who will ascend and take responsibility of how we build the world anew? Now the world is slowly opening up after the a period of time, of empty space where peoples reflected on how we want to coexist and create the global world. In the book “Silence” John Cage, who narrates how the art of his, was deeply influenced by Buddhist and Chinese philosophy concerning space, emptiness and time. John Cage heavily influenced the Fluxes Artist with whom Stevens had close ties, when these visited Xiamen.

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