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hafnia foundation stevens vaughn
Stevens Vaughn (USA)

"Our ideas, love, anger and sexuality​

Is what nourishes or destroys our souls.

Starvation of the spirit is our choice.

We choose to feast at the table of sweetness or bitterness.

In time of emptiness and loneliness I want to feed succeeding generations with something different.

Come to our buffet and share emotions and a bit of friendship if you like.

Be welcome to eat and drink with me as friends.

We can erase the boundaries of past, present and future. By doing this we will enrich the texture of our lives.

Let's inspire each other by being ourselves.

I invite you to join me at my table of thoughts and emotions.

Be my guest: eat, drink, celebrate love, history, philosophy, lust and beauty at my table.

All are welcome".

Stevens Vaughn

hafnia foundation stevens vaughn
hafnia foundation stevens vaughn
hafnia foundation stevens vaughn

​Stevens Vaughn

"The five elements of life"

Bienal de Curitiba, Brazil 2017/2018

September 30, 2017 - February 25, 2018

Museu Oscar Niemeyer

Stevens Vaughn Interview

Stevens Vaughn Interview

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