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Gu Yue (China)

Gu Yue is now a professional painter of National Museum of China in the area of contemporary art. He studied in Fine Arts Institute of Tsinghua University and gained a doctor’s degree in 2008. 

Five books of his have been published. He has participated in quite a few large-scale exhibitions at home and abroad. His works won prizes and were collected by foreign institutes and personal collectors. He is also Editor of Yearbook of Chinese Contemporary Art.

"My creative inspiration to portray such scenes in metropolitan life as Karaoke, bars and crowds of people derives from the late 1990s. I attempt to use my own artistic language to describe the friends and strangers around, jubilant or gloomy. What I’m trying to do is to capture a specific state of humans and translate it into an individual symbolic language and psychological factor, namely “fold-over”.represents a manifest feature of my personal interpretation. It is expressed internally as a kind of self-“narration” developed as a result of the intervention of some preset psychology and image “correction.” For example, in the sizable Karaoke series, Hail, Performance, and Dinner Party, I replace direct public opinion with my personal attitude and an expression highlighting visual aesthetics. The “double image” revealed by the long exposed figures were caused by color diffusion as a result of image blurring and slopping. An open-structure of objects is presented in the painting which helps people to feel the presence of physical bodies. Among other things, the swaying bodies and gestures, the out-of-focus cake, fruit trays and soup spoons, the distorted faces and the various objects and humans being squeezed into one space are, in essence, not simply image collage and copying, but represent the efforts to portray the decadence of some modern people through “close-up” observation."

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